Xport Xperts Inc. - Serving exporters, importers and banks worldwide


We have the answers...

"Is it easy to open a branch or affiliate overseas?"
"How can our company improve its balance sheet within legal and fiscal limits?" 
"Can my overseas buyer receive terms when I need my money right now?"
"How can we stay on top of our collections with a reduced staff?"
"Is our bank adequately protected by the risk mitigation programs we have set?"


Xport Xperts, Inc. was created to support credit opportunities and to help your business expansion needs.  We are a firm located in Miami, Florida, founded by, and teamed up with, recognized individuals in the Florida trade, finance and credit markets.  We are here to serve both local and international small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as banking institutions.

Our international representative offices can assist you in opening branches or affiliates in a variety of countries.  We also have specialists in the U.S. that can help with branches or affiliates of foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in this country. 


The staff of Xport Xperts, Inc. has been serving banks, businesses and individuals worldwide in various capacities for an aggregate of 70 years.  We specialize in financial analysis, collections, risk mitigation programs, and credit packaging services. We pride ourselves on our strong ties to national agencies, such as the Export Import Bank of the U.S., the Private Export Funding Corporation and a number of private credit insurance agencies and brokers.  Our greatest achievement, however, is the concern we have in serving our customers.  Our client, whether corporate or bank, is the center of our attention, and each case is treated with the efficacy and integrity it deserves. 

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